What is Black Friday?

Black Friday has its roots in the United States of America. It is the following day after the big national holiday of Thanksgiving, which is celebrated once per year on the fourth Thursday of each November. It marks the beginning of the Christmas trade period and is intertwined with massive discounts from all retailers on that day.

There are numerous versions regarding the origin of the name Black Friday. The most common one relates to the profitability of the companies during that day, in contrast to the financial loss during the year up to this day. It is the day that business makes the transition from the "red" loss) to "black" (profitability).

When is Black Friday?

In 2023, Black Friday deals will be held on November 24th, although many stores tend to start promotions several days before. On Skroutz, you will have the opportunity to see every deal available, several days before Black Friday.

Which shops participate?

Μore and more retailers are joining in every year, including the most major high street retailers. 2023 is expected to follow the same trend and Skroutz will help you find shops with discounts on many different product categories, such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, TVs, fashion, shoes, watches, furniture and many more.

How does Skroutz help me find the best deals?

Simply put: We make your life easier!

We gather all offers from hundreds of brands (e.g Apple, Samsung, Nike etc.) on a single page, so that you do not miss out on any of the deals. On top of that, we've added filters for you to quickly and easily locate the one that interests you the most! Do not forget that you can sort products by price, popularity and price drop (the biggest drop will appear first).