Tesla Inverter Air Conditioner 12000 BTU A++/A+ with Wi-Fi
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Tesla Inverter Air Conditioner 12000 BTU A++/A+ with Wi-FiCode: TT34TP21-1232IAWUV

Key features:

  • 12000 BTU
  • Energy class: A++/A+++
  • Wi-Fi

The Tesla air conditioner has a power of 12000 BTU and is suitable for spaces from 18m² to 25m².

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In addition to its other functions, the Tesla Superior uses ultraviolet radiation to help fight viruses and bacteria inside the device, thus providing cleaner air from the air conditioner in the room.

Night mode

When this function is enabled, your air conditioner can increase or decrease the temperature by 1°C per hour during the first three hours.


The Wi-Fi function allows you to control the Tesla air conditioner from your mobile phone or other smart devices. An option that adds convenience and comfort to your everyday life!

UV Lamp

The UV function provides an additional help in combating unwanted microorganisms. Emitting waves up to 285nm helps create an environment free of viruses, bacteria, and negative side effects.

Sterilization at 56°C

During the self-cleaning process, the indoor unit operates in a special mode that helps the evaporator to dry. This function is designed to keep the indoor unit of the air conditioner clean and prevent the growth of bacteria.

Smart Airflow

You can choose from different available air distribution positions, such as blanket-style, shower-style, breeze, etc.

Heating function 8°C

This option will automatically start the heating mode when the room temperature drops below 8°C, returning to standby mode once it reaches this level again.

Ecological Refrigerant R32

It uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant R32, which has 68% lower global warming potential compared to R410A. Additionally, R32 can deliver equal thermal power as R410A with a smaller amount of refrigerant by 30%, meaning less refrigerant is required per unit. As a result, total carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by approximately 75%. Another advantage is that R32 is not a blend but a homogeneous fluid and can be recycled more easily and reused.

Energy Efficiency

The air conditioner belongs to energy class A++ for cooling and energy class A+++ for heating (medium zone). The energy class is measured on a seven-level color scale from A+++ to D, with class A+++ being the most efficient, while class D is the least efficient.

In addition, there are the SEER and SCOP indicators, which more realistically depict the actual energy performance of the air conditioners.

  • SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) represents the entire cooling season. It is defined as the ratio of the annual cooling requirement to the annual electricity consumption (the annual cooling consumption is based on 350 hours of operation). For an A-class air conditioner and above, the SEER index is typically 5.10w/w units and above.
  • SCOP (Seasonal Coefficient of Performance) represents the entire heating season. It is defined as the ratio of the annual heating requirement to the annual electricity consumption (the annual heating consumption is based on 1400 hours of operation). For an A-class air conditioner and above, the SCOP index is typically 3.40w/w units and above.




Product Guides

User Manual


Cooling Power
12000 BTU
Heating Power
12000 BTU

Features & Functions

Air filters
Eco Friendly Refrigerant (R32)

Energy Class

Heating (Middle Zone)
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)
6.1 W/W
Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP)
4 W/W
Cooling Consumption
195 kWh/y
Heating Consumption
840 kWh/y

Noise Power

Indoor Unit
51 dB
Outdoor Unit
60 dB

Physical Dimensions

Indoor Unit Length
79 cm
Indoor Unit Height
27.5 cm
Indoor Unit Depth
19.2 cm
Outdoor Unit Length
77.7 cm
Outdoor Unit Height
49.5 cm
Outdoor Unit Depth
29 cm

Commercial Warranty

Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
10 years For all electrical and mechanical parts

Important information

Specifications are collected from official manufacturer websites. Please verify the specifications before proceeding with your final purchase. If you notice any problem you can report it here.


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Reviews by our members

  • Chris_Dimas95
    2 out of 3 members found this review helpful

    I bought it on 26/6/23 for 390 euros. Normally, it is A++ in cooling and A+++ in heating, not A+ as stated in the description. So far, it hasn't given me any problems. The connection to wifi was made without any issues, although I prefer using its own remote control since it has a temperature sensor for the I feel function. It cools a 75 sqm vacation house with double glazed windows, insulated tiled roof, and wooden ceiling with beams. It has been placed in a position where it also manages the cooling in the other two rooms. I tried the heating for a short period of time just for testing, but it produces enough warmth. I have also purchased the 10-year warranty extension offered by Tesla. With the heatwaves we've had, its performance was very good despite the high external temperature, as it affects the performance of the outdoor unit in many air conditioners. I still have to see how well the outdoor unit performs in the harsh winter temperatures with snow outside.

    Translated from Greek ·
    • Silent
    • Heating efficiency
    • Cooling performance
    • Quality-price ratio
    • Consumption
    Did you find this review helpful?
  • panaghs20
    10 out of 13 members found this review helpful

    Verified purchase

    Bought on 28/11/2022 from a store through Scroutz for 389 euros, installed in a 20 sqm bedroom with good insulation. The installation was done by an experienced refrigeration technician with 3 meters of pipes and vacuum, as required by the new inverter air conditioners. Used every night for 10 hours at 25 degrees on the low setting.

    Everything was fine until a week ago when the cold weather started and we needed heating. It only blows lukewarm air no matter how much we increase the temperature. The fan hardly works and makes a noise as if something is broken, even when it's set to maximum, the fan is nonexistent.

    I also tested it for cooling when it was 12 degrees outside, and it didn't cool at all!



    I have been waiting for a week for the ACTION SERVICE, which is responsible for the technical support of Tesla, to find an available appointment to come and see it. It's been a week without heating in the room with small children. Congratulations TESLA and ACTION SERVICE for the quality of your services!!

    Irrelevant, but I mention it: I have a 24 AUX in the living room and I have no issues. It works at 22 degrees on the low setting and heats a unified space of 75 sqm in 20 minutes, reaching 23 degrees from 18.

    This is currently my worst experience with this particular company and this particular air conditioner. I am waiting to see what the service will do and how much longer I will be inconvenienced, and I will come back.

    Be very cautious with this brand, never again TESLA personally.

    Translated from Greek ·
    • Consumption
    Did you find this review helpful?
  • spiropoulos1980
    7 out of 7 members found this review helpful

    I bought 2 air conditioners with the subsidy (voucher) and free installation. Two old 9s were replaced with the 12s. So far, everything is perfect. They are quiet, have great cooling and heating, and have low power consumption for their performance. They also have an ionizer. Additionally, the WiFi works fine, although the signal is borderline in one of them. It is not necessary to use the Tesla app, it works with Blitwolf and Smartlife as well. For the 220 euros I paid for each one, with free installation, I think it was an incredible price.

    Translated from Greek ·
    • Silent
    • Heating efficiency
    • Cooling performance
    • Quality-price ratio
    Did you find this review helpful?
  • adaplect
    20 out of 20 members found this review helpful

    Verified purchase

    Brand new model from Tesla (you can distinguish it from the older models by the remote control - check out my photo). It is incredibly quiet (especially when you put it on mute) and it has excellent cooling. It is also very energy-efficient (195 kwh/year for cooling and 714 kwh/year for heating). It has wifi and UV light to kill bacteria. It only has a two-year warranty, but by filling out a form on https://www.teslagiveaways.com and uploading a couple of photos, you can extend it to ten years. To control it with your phone, download the Tesla Smart Things app, press the ECO button on the remote control six times quickly, and add the device in the app. It finds it immediately, and you can control everything from your phone. (You don't need to use toothpicks or anything like some people say, just press the ECO button six times and it's done). So far, I am very satisfied. I was skeptical because I know many people hear Tesla and their mind goes to Elon Musk, but it has nothing to do with that Tesla, it's a different company. But it seems good.

    Translated from Greek ·
    • Silent
    • Cooling performance
    • Quality-price ratio
    Did you find this review helpful?
    • Silent
    • Heating efficiency
    • Cooling performance
    • Quality-price ratio


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