Morris Dehumidifier 24lt with Ionizer and Wi-FiCode: MDP-24410HIW

Key features:

  • Dehumidification Capacity: 24 lt/day
  • Water Tank Capacity: 4 lt
  • Power: 275 W
  • Noise Level: 37 dB

The Morris dehumidifier is suitable for spaces up to 130m², in order to maintain the humidity of the space at normal levels.

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The MDP-24410HIW dehumidifier by Morris has the ability to absorb 24 liters of water within 24 hours. It features a fan with 3 operating modes (automatically selecting the smart mode, low, and high) so you can make the best choice according to your needs.

5 stages of filtration

  • Nano silver coated pre-filter. The pre-filter captures large particles such as hair, larger dust particles, etc., while the Nano Silver coating provides additional antibacterial action.
  • HEPA filter that captures allergenic particles
  • Activated carbon filter. It captures toxic gas pollutants and odors from chemicals, cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, cooking, etc.
  • Ultraviolet light (UV light). The ultraviolet light breaks the molecular bonds of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and bacteria, neutralizing them.
  • Ionizer that removes odors, dust, and smoke from the air, giving you a healthy and fresh atmosphere.

Remote operation

Now you can control your dehumidifier from anywhere inside or outside your home.

Turn on, turn off, and change all settings whenever you want and according to your daily schedule.

In collaboration with TUYA, and with support from both Google Assistant and Alexa, controlling the Morris Premier Plus dehumidifiers is now easy and fast, while the application is constantly being upgraded.

Sense of luxury

The Morris dehumidifiers are the first dehumidifiers in black color, while with its improved design, the new Morris Premier Plus series is among the most elegant dehumidification devices.

The exceptionally designed control panel with touch buttons and glass-like finish gives you a sense of luxury.

In addition, the 2 display screens allow you to have a complete view of the indicators that interest you from any point.

Silent operation

  • Low noise level 37dB (A) at low fan speed. The very low noise level allows for creating an ideal environment during your night sleep or any other time you need quietness.
  • Ability to turn on or off the lighting on the front of the device.
  • Large water tank with a capacity of 4 liters to ensure continuous operation of the device for many hours.

Practical solutions for ease of use

  • Handle and fully rotating wheels for easy transportation of your dehumidifier to wherever you need it.
  • Front panel lighting that changes color according to the humidity of the room.
  • Smart dehumidification function. In "smart" mode, the humidity level is automatically set to 50-55% and the fan operates according to the humidity of the room.
  • Automatic louver movement. You can choose one of the 3 available options. Continuous movement, fixed at a 45° angle, and fixed at a 90° angle.

Clothes drying function

Dry your clothes quickly, easily, and economically. With Morris dehumidifiers, drying clothes becomes a game all year round. Place the portable clothes rack in a (preferably small) room with the door closed. Place the dehumidifier near the clothes and select the clothes drying function from the remote control. Your clothes will dry in a short period of time while the space remains dry as all the moisture will end up in the dehumidifier's water tank.

Smart Remote Control with i-feel function

The built-in humidity sensor in the remote control can detect the humidity at the point you need it, and automatically adjust the dehumidifier's operation based on this measurement using infrared. This way, you can accurately adjust the humidity in specific areas, such as the baby's bed, areas with objects vulnerable to humidity (such as artworks), etc.




Product Guides

User Manual

Technical Specifications

Dehumidification Capacity
24 lt/day
275 W
Noise Level
37 dB
Water Tank Capacity
4 lt
Dehumidification Type
with Compressor
HEPA Filter
Activated Carbon Filter

Features & Functions

Drain Hose
Automatic Restart
Clothes Drying Function


38 cm
19.5 cm
58 cm

Important information

Specifications are collected from official manufacturer websites. Please verify the specifications before proceeding with your final purchase. If you notice any problem you can report it here.


  • georgebf89
    9 out of 9 members found this review helpful

    Verified purchase

    Purchase of this specific model was made 3 days ago, so let's start with the positives.

    + It relatively quickly (1.5 hours) reduces humidity from 80% to 65%, but after that, it takes its time, especially if there is a significant amount of moisture trapped in the walls. No one will make it disappear like magic. In an 8-square-meter room, the humidity went from 75% to 55% in about half an hour.
    + It is quite silent, especially in sleep mode, you can hardly hear anything.
    + The container is satisfactory, it doesn't need to be changed frequently.
    + The digital indicators are convenient, and finally, the WIFI. The application is simple, perfectly functional, and the best part is that if I'm away from home, I can control it through my mobile phone, adjust it as I want, and come back to find an ideal atmosphere.

    There is currently nothing negative, but I will come back soon after purchasing another cheaper one with almost the same features to compare performance and price.

    Translated from Greek ·
    • Humidity adjustment
    • Silent
    • Container size
    • Quality of materials
    • Quality-price ratio
    Did you find this review helpful?
  • 5
    2 out of 4 members found this review helpful

    I got it for 260€ and I consider it to be very fair and worth its money

    Translated from Greek ·
    • Humidity adjustment
    • Silent
    • Container size
    • Quality of materials
    • Quality-price ratio
    • He is economical in electricity consumption
    Did you find this review helpful?
  • 5
    3 out of 4 members found this review helpful

    Verified purchase

    Very good purchase, quiet with very good results in dehumidification.

    Translated from Greek ·
    • Humidity adjustment
    • Silent
    • Container size
    • Quality of materials
    • Quality-price ratio
    • He is economical in electricity consumption
    Did you find this review helpful?
    • Humidity adjustment
    • Container size
    • Material Quality
    • Quality-price ratio
    • Noisy
  • Verified purchase

    • Humidity adjustment
    • Silent
    • Container size
    • Quality-price ratio
    • Material Quality


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